Natures Well Multi Vitamins Review

Natures Well are  the first ever brand to create  ‘HMC or halal certified vitamins and other nutritional health products…DON’T run just because you read the word ‘halal… All this means is that all the products sold by Natures Well do not contain pork or any alcohol based ingredients!

For those of you who don’t have a balanced diet join the club,  amd for the likes of us we need supplements.  And voila Natures Well kindly sent me Women’s Multi tablets. Contains 60 tablets and ideal for women looking to support their  muscle and nerve function,a healthy  heart and bone structure, energy release and build a stronger immune system.

They are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten and alcohol free!





Aside from the clean and neat package what I particularly liked was that the tablets didn’t leave that awful medicated taste in your mouth…the one that makes you gag and never put another tablet in your mouth. As for any dramatic differences well  I didn’t particularly  notice any huge differences but that’s because they just filled the nutritional gaps caused from not having a well-balanced diet.


A lot of the time I would grab a tablet as I would leave home and ideally you should be having them with your meals hence I did have constipation until I changed my habit and had one tablet with my meal instead.

All in all I liked the product, It’s high quality and  more importantly I’m assured that there are no contamination of ingredients that I would generally abstain from.

So hats off to Natures Well!


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Anima D’italia

Dinner at Anima D’italia… a reasonably inexpensive dinner out for  two. Coming to a total of roughly £20 but that’s not including starters, just a main dish for each of us and two drinks.

We’d booked a corner table with a screen but got a awkward corner, service was not bad but overlooked attention to small details like forgetting to light the candle.. I mean what’s the point in having a candle if it wasn’t lit up…?

Anyways the restaurant was empty, therefore service was prompt. We ordered one Involtini Melanzane, a oven roasted spaghetti & soft chicken pieces finished with thyme & herbs for about £7.25. Taste was ok but nothing fancy or different. And one L’anima Di Sicilia, £8.45,  a bespoke sicilian dish of oven baked chicken fillet wrapped delicately around smoked turkey ham & mozzarella cheese served with broccoli carrot & mushroom puree & a drizzle of olive oil (I think this was the name). Didn’t taste this…so wasn’t sure what it tasted like.

One bottle of water and one soft drink, which was flat, got it replaced but was still the same, the lady did say she opened a new bottle, but I do know that if a bottle’s kept for too long, it still goes flat. That was definitely a bummer.

Overall, wasn’t to keen and won’t be going back in a rush.

Jungle Braai Review

I know its been a long time since my last post so I thought I better do some catching up. Went to dinner at Jungle Braai in Walthamstow- HMC restaurant known for chargrilled food made with sauces from South Africa… Located on Wood Street, easy to get to with free parking in the evenings and Sunday all day. Although we booked it for 8 people at 7.30 they still made us wait for about 15 mins so that was a disappointment, asked for screen so I could eat without my niqab and they said that wasn’t available, which upon arrival was available.

We ordered a mix platter, costing £50 included 4 sides which were very small portions. Kebabs and sausages which we cut in half, a portion of front and back chops, chicken thighs and ribs. Taste was good, a little spicy and wasn’t too dry… Drinks came half way through the meal even though we asked a few times, didn’t give any water throughout the meal.

Overall food was tasty, service can be improved, toilets were dirty and smelly, tables felt sticky so I’m not sure if I’d be heading there anytime soon.

Enjoy the pics


Decor-nothing wow
Decor-nothing wow
Some imagination
Ceiling: nice feature
Screen provided
Screen provided
Side 1: small portion of chips
Side 1: small portion of chips
Side 2: garlic bread which were really nice and soft.
Side 2: garlic bread which were really nice and soft.
Side 3: coleslaw
Side 3: coleslaw, very small portion
Salad with mayo and chicken.
Salad with mayo and chicken. Very tasty!
Tasty chops
Tasty chops
More chops
More chops
Mix-kebabs, sausages and chicken tikkas
Mix-kebabs, sausages and chicken tikkas
Chicken thighs
Chicken ribs
More chicken with more sausages

Zarooj resturant Review


Zarooj– a grill restuarant in Goodmayes went in the evening because of parking issues a nice easy place to locate.Booked a table in advance a good decor and  ambiance, an amazing transparent fish tank on the floor…

Not sure if you can see the fishes

The service was commendable and staff very friendly, order was quite quick to come and food was indeed very tasty. Had chicken steak with a choice of sauce I think peppercorn, mushroom and a few others which came with a side and salad, portions were also a good size. The gill was also good you got your usual kebabs, chops, chicken tikka and so on, very tasty and well cooked. Kids steak a nice option because often with kids food you end up leaving it or taking it away so this was an impressive idea and offered half a chicken steak and chips with a little salad just enough for little choppers. Fish finger meal was also delightful for little mouths you can’t really go wrong there.

They were very attentive with food presentation and went the extra mile, also i’m picky with the hygiene of restaurants and this definitely was clean no sticky tables nor food bits left on the side or the floor, so they definitely got a thumbs up, 5 stars and revisit too.

Enjoy the pics!

So many drinks…
Kids meal
Kid’s meal
Mix grill
chicken strip meal
Adult chicken steak meal
Child chicken steak meal