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A long time…

It’s been a long since the last post…I know, I know… But I’m back again and this time hoping there won’t be sucha lonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg gap for the next post.

So what’s been going on, well not much, studying with OU takes up most of my time and leaves a little room for much else. Studying DD308 Making Social Worlds and in essence I find the course content quite interesting and engaging but the TMA’s are a whole different ball game, a very steep jump to a level 3 course from a level 2. The expectations of writing are so high that I almost feel unable to write anything whatsoever. There’s a lot of material to cover, predominantly written in a language that I don’t understand unless I have a dictionary nearby and digesting new information seems to be taking longer than any other module I’ve completed. But the light at the end of the tunnel is near as after this, I’ve got one more level 3 module and that should be the end of my BA in Social Science. Whoopppeeeeeeeee.


Veiled Damsel

Salaams My Dear Readers!

I know it’s been a while since my last post,sorrry but things just get soooo busy that to actually sit down and write feels almost impossible but anyhow I’m here and it’s time to play catch up, yaaay.

So what’s going on lately….mmm lots and lots and lots….have another assignment due which is almost complete but needs to be proof-read  whilst also trying to revise for the upcoming module exam in May sometime. Been ill, the story of my life, I know, dealing with my son, constantly teasing his lil sis (for the purpose of this blog I’ll refer to him as the Teaser and my daughter Baby Doll, the names totally gives away their characters), whilst also preparing Teaser for his Year 6 SATs (his 11 this year, wow how time flies) and helping Baby Doll to control her anger and frustration which always, always starts with a leave me alone, followed by a tantrum and ends with an apology and explanation but alhamdulillah have to say it’s improving, slowly but surely.

However, the best news of all, wait for it…..(drum roll)….. we’re going to DUBAAIIIIIIIIII in just under 10 days wooooaaaaaaah! Lol you can see it’s much-needed, going with hubzy, kids and my parents, my gorgeous nephew and sisters oh the new addition to the family my lil sis husband for the first time in my life-my parents and sisters that is. The kids don’t know yet it’s going to be a massive surprise for them until we check-in insha’Allah but in the meantime for me, hubzy and the rest of the travellers  the countdown has official begun….

Oh and before I forget…guess what else.. I’ve finally managed to pluck up the courage and go bike riding with my hijab andniqab and it feltsoooooooo what’s the right word for it…liberatinggg… yes definitely, imagine the speed, the air flowing through you, feeling light as a feather and the only thing you can think of is faster, faster and more faster, so if you see a niqabi zooming past you, than you’ve it seen for yourself.

Jzk Teaser for your bike! xx
Jzk Teaser for your bike! xx
Catching my breath!
Catching my breath!

Aqeeqah Party!!!

Over the weekend we have had a Aqeeqah Party and this is basically celebrating the birth of a baby and it was my nephew’s but we also made it a party for his toddler siblings who didn’t really get to have a party similar to this hence why the theme is pink and blue.

Enjoy the pics…

Veiled Damsel

Pink and Blue
Pink and Blue

Gym Day and daily eating habits!!!

So everybody gets to stage where there find themselves wanting to tone up or lose those extra pounds and I currently find my self trying to achieve both and voila gym three times a week and changing my disastrous eating habits. Whilst I’m no specialist I’ve learnt a few things that have helped me lose and maintain my weight, however anyone wishing to implement any of these changes your are advised to seek advice from appropriate bodies.

My day usually starts with garlic cut into pieces and infused in hot water- helps to clean out the bowels.

Very pungent but take it as medicine...
Very pungent but take it as medicine…

Then usual breakfast which is coffee and toast- not very healthy but this is not going anywhere.

Coffee and Toast
Coffee and Toast

During the day I sip Lemon or Lime, mint leaves, cucumber infused in water overnight

infuse overnight (Thanks sis for the wonderful detox bottle- quite unusual but LOVE it!

For lunch I’ll eat whatever is cooked but  smaller portions, in between I’ll probably drink more coffee with NO biscuits and  have some fruit. But sipping the water means I’m generally not that hungry.

Whilst over at the gym…I’ll start with the Treadmill

15 mins using the HIT strategy
15 mins using the HIT strategy

For those of you who are not familiar with HIT-High intensity training which is basically two mins of slow pace and 1 min of the max you can do.

Then moving on to the Cross Trainer…

10 mins again using the HIT strategy
15 mins again using the HIT strategy

That’s about 30 mins of cardio exercise done and now moving on to Resistance Training and Toning. All the exercises are two mins and in each session I’ll aim is to increase the amount done within two minutes.

2 mins
2 mins
Some resistance training
Some resistance training using lots of different equipments
For the arms
For the arms
Some weights
Some weights

And finally my favourite….

Best way to relax those over worked joints..
Sauna: Best way to relax those over worked joints..
Good for cleaning out toxins
Steam: Good for cleaning out toxins

In total that’s about 1 to 1hr and 15 min work out done. And that’s more than enough for me.

I haven’t dramatically changed my diet, just made tweaks to replace bad habits for better ones, so taking away the fizzy drinks, crisp, chocolates, cakes and not eating after 7pm.I don’t deprive myself when I crave something sweet because if I were to have it I’ll go into a overdrive so now I eat it but little bit and eventually the cravings have reduce.

I do find for me that driving is the biggest contributor to being less active, I drive everywhere and with children it is rather convenient and the thought of using public transport is enough to make me sit at home and I can’t  walk coz everything is too far out and just not enough time to do so between drop offs and pick ups.

But so far so good and can’t complain…

Feel free to share any tips that have worked for you

Signing out

Veiled Damsel

Assignments, Assignments and more Assignments!

Just completed my assignment and this was the toughest one so far and I’ve definitely learnt a few tricks along the way and I thought I’d share my top 10 tips with all of you…

Top 10 Tips

1. Read and understand the question

Understand process and concept words

2. Research your topic thoroughly

Don’t be afraid to make you book colourful, highlight key words/use post-its

3. Make notes/concept maps/index cards

Summarise concepts in your own words as you read, makes it so much easier when it comes to writing up the assignment

4. Plan you assignment

Ensure you plan your assignment- introduction, main body and conclusion and within each section break it down into paragraphs with concepts, quotes and references

Remember to think critically!

5. Write up the first draft

Using the plan write out your first draft

6.  Second draft

Don’t be afraid to make changes, check your spellings,grammar,punctuation, avoid repeating the same argument and don’t be afraid to explore using different vocabulary

7. Does it make sense

Read it and ensure it makes sense, make sure you are clear and concise

8. Is it logical

Ensure your assignments is coherent and flows logically. Each paragraph should be linked.

9. Does it answer the question

When constructing your assignment ensure each paragraph answers the question. Refer back to the question at each step

10. Don’t leave it till the last minute

Process Words

Process Words