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ThemedRooms cater for adults, teens and children occasions.  Including wedding night rooms, date nights, get-togethers, or casual afternoon tea with the girls..

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A long time…

It’s been a long since the last post…I know, I know… But I’m back again and this time hoping there won’t be sucha lonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg gap for the next post.

So what’s been going on, well not much, studying with OU takes up most of my time and leaves a little room for much else. Studying DD308 Making Social Worlds and in essence I find the course content quite interesting and engaging but the TMA’s are a whole different ball game, a very steep jump to a level 3 course from a level 2. The expectations of writing are so high that I almost feel unable to write anything whatsoever. There’s a lot of material to cover, predominantly written in a language that I don’t understand unless I have a dictionary nearby and digesting new information seems to be taking longer than any other module I’ve completed. But the light at the end of the tunnel is near as after this, I’ve got one more level 3 module and that should be the end of my BA in Social Science. Whoopppeeeeeeeee.


Veiled Damsel

Beach party @ Camber Sands

Once again it’s  the time of year where it’s parrrty time and time to get back on the planning scene. The idea was to do something out the ordinary and wanted to do something totally different and combine several achievements that needed to be celebrated, so teasers SAT’s results and the little one started Quran and obviously the Eid party was celebrated at the beach.

We packed a whole lot of food and we’re talking about rice and chicken 😉, lots of chocolates, crisps, drinks and drove 77 miles to Camber Sands. Parking was available at a small cost right next to the beach and it’s  the only dune beach in the whole of Sussex, was very private becaus of the dunes generally a clean beach, a small cafe and a few shops to buy the usual beach stuff.

It was very windy and sand was blowing every where (be sure you take sunglasses either way) so it did make it very difficult to eat and enjoy yourself, but had an amazing time sliding down the dunes and playing hide and seek.

It was a nice party, minus party decorations and the gift I left at home and gave it once we got home. It’s a beach I would definitely recommend and visit again and again and to point out quite a few hijabis and beardis frequent this beach so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. 👍

Long drive
The foooood!
The fooood and wind!
A place to slide….
A sandy beach!
A pretty drive!
The dunes!
A view from above!
A clean beach!
Sandy dunes



Jungle Braai Review

I know its been a long time since my last post so I thought I better do some catching up. Went to dinner at Jungle Braai in Walthamstow- HMC restaurant known for chargrilled food made with sauces from South Africa… Located on Wood Street, easy to get to with free parking in the evenings and Sunday all day. Although we booked it for 8 people at 7.30 they still made us wait for about 15 mins so that was a disappointment, asked for screen so I could eat without my niqab and they said that wasn’t available, which upon arrival was available.

We ordered a mix platter, costing £50 included 4 sides which were very small portions. Kebabs and sausages which we cut in half, a portion of front and back chops, chicken thighs and ribs. Taste was good, a little spicy and wasn’t too dry… Drinks came half way through the meal even though we asked a few times, didn’t give any water throughout the meal.

Overall food was tasty, service can be improved, toilets were dirty and smelly, tables felt sticky so I’m not sure if I’d be heading there anytime soon.

Enjoy the pics


Decor-nothing wow
Decor-nothing wow
Some imagination
Ceiling: nice feature
Screen provided
Screen provided
Side 1: small portion of chips
Side 1: small portion of chips
Side 2: garlic bread which were really nice and soft.
Side 2: garlic bread which were really nice and soft.
Side 3: coleslaw
Side 3: coleslaw, very small portion
Salad with mayo and chicken.
Salad with mayo and chicken. Very tasty!
Tasty chops
Tasty chops
More chops
More chops
Mix-kebabs, sausages and chicken tikkas
Mix-kebabs, sausages and chicken tikkas
Chicken thighs
Chicken ribs
More chicken with more sausages

Ripley’s day out

Ripley’s Believe it or not

Ripley’s is basically an assortment of artifacts, some amazing art, remarkable people, something to do with nature and history.

My favorite was the mirror maze, black hole- an illusion of losing control and spinning although your walking straight ahead and very short just as you get into it stops so slightly disappointing. The Graffiti wall- an interactive whiteboard style of doing graffiti for 60 secs. And lastly, the laser race which I didn’t do because the camera screen is shown to everyone waiting outside in the queue and obviously I’d have to lift my abaya and be twisting and turning so I gave it a miss. And that was about it. We got the tickets on the discount online sales voucher  for half price and BOGOF so it worked out quite cheap but I wouldn’t pay full price for it. It was good and quite enjoyable but not full price tickets.

Outside Ripley's
Outside Ripley’s
Man being electrocuted.
Man being electrocuted.
Lol, can't remember!
Lol, can’t remember!
Mirror maze
Mirror maze

Zarooj resturant Review


Zarooj– a grill restuarant in Goodmayes went in the evening because of parking issues a nice easy place to locate.Booked a table in advance a good decor and  ambiance, an amazing transparent fish tank on the floor…

Not sure if you can see the fishes

The service was commendable and staff very friendly, order was quite quick to come and food was indeed very tasty. Had chicken steak with a choice of sauce I think peppercorn, mushroom and a few others which came with a side and salad, portions were also a good size. The gill was also good you got your usual kebabs, chops, chicken tikka and so on, very tasty and well cooked. Kids steak a nice option because often with kids food you end up leaving it or taking it away so this was an impressive idea and offered half a chicken steak and chips with a little salad just enough for little choppers. Fish finger meal was also delightful for little mouths you can’t really go wrong there.

They were very attentive with food presentation and went the extra mile, also i’m picky with the hygiene of restaurants and this definitely was clean no sticky tables nor food bits left on the side or the floor, so they definitely got a thumbs up, 5 stars and revisit too.

Enjoy the pics!

So many drinks…
Kids meal
Kid’s meal
Mix grill
chicken strip meal
Adult chicken steak meal
Child chicken steak meal