Zarooj resturant Review


Zarooj– a grill restuarant in Goodmayes went in the evening because of parking issues a nice easy place to locate.Booked a table in advance a good decor and  ambiance, an amazing transparent fish tank on the floor…

Not sure if you can see the fishes

The service was commendable and staff very friendly, order was quite quick to come and food was indeed very tasty. Had chicken steak with a choice of sauce I think peppercorn, mushroom and a few others which came with a side and salad, portions were also a good size. The gill was also good you got your usual kebabs, chops, chicken tikka and so on, very tasty and well cooked. Kids steak a nice option because often with kids food you end up leaving it or taking it away so this was an impressive idea and offered half a chicken steak and chips with a little salad just enough for little choppers. Fish finger meal was also delightful for little mouths you can’t really go wrong there.

They were very attentive with food presentation and went the extra mile, also i’m picky with the hygiene of restaurants and this definitely was clean no sticky tables nor food bits left on the side or the floor, so they definitely got a thumbs up, 5 stars and revisit too.

Enjoy the pics!

So many drinks…
Kids meal
Kid’s meal
Mix grill
chicken strip meal
Adult chicken steak meal
Child chicken steak meal

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