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Time to resurface.

You know I thought I’d deleted this blog but clearly I haven’t hence I find myself behind a screen tapping away…although totally lost as to what to write.

I’ve penned down a few future potential post ideas…what do you think…?

2018 bucket list

Obviously closet cravings

Romantic days out in London


I thinks that’s enough for nowūüėĀ

Natures Well Multi Vitamins Review

Natures Well are ¬†the first ever brand to create ¬†‘HMC or halal certified vitamins and other nutritional health products…DON’T run just because¬†you read the word ‘halal… All this means is that all the products sold by Natures Well do not contain pork or any alcohol based ingredients!

For those of you who don’t have a balanced diet join the club,¬† amd for the likes of us we need supplements.¬† And voila Natures Well kindly sent me Women’s Multi tablets. Contains 60 tablets and ideal for women looking to support their ¬†muscle and nerve function,a healthy ¬†heart and bone structure, energy release and build a stronger immune system.

They are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten and alcohol free!





Aside from the clean and neat package what I particularly liked was that the tablets didn’t leave that awful medicated taste in your mouth…the¬†one that makes you gag and never put another tablet in your mouth. As for any dramatic differences well ¬†I didn’t particularly ¬†notice any huge differences but that’s because they just filled the nutritional gaps caused from not having a well-balanced diet.


A lot of the time I would grab a tablet as I would leave home and ideally you should be having them with your meals hence I did have constipation until I changed my habit and had one tablet with my meal instead.

All in all I liked the product, It’s high quality and ¬†more importantly I’m assured that there are no contamination of ingredients that I would generally abstain from.

So hats off to Natures Well!


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Closet Cravings!

I’ve been eyeing this dress for quite some time…perhaps… eventually I’ll just buy it ūüėÜ!

Ted Baker

Marico Sleeveless Floral Print Dress


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Summer Holiday Activities

Aaaah…It’s been four months since my last post and has always I say to myself I’ll keep up with but like always I forget and it just gets left.

It’s the summer holidays and that leaves weeks and weeks of entertainment for the kids but the bonus being no teaching and going to school for the next six weeks, yiiiipppeeeee!!!

So I’ve complied a list for all those parents looking for fun day outs, some of course being free whilst others require a small fee or even worst …expensive…hehehe!

These are the places I have visited and would recommend,except for the treehouse stay and the trampoline park but definitly would do those soon enough… there’s plenty more out there so feel free to explore the world!

*If there’s no link provided simply google the name in the search engine and surely something will come up.


Diana’s Memorial playground: a man-made beach with a pirate ship right in the middle of Queensway.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic park

Thames Barrier park

Regents Park

Hyde Park

Victoria park

Epping Forest

Beaches: Southend-on-sea, Camber Sands, Canvey Island, Hastings, Dover,Clacton-on Sea, Blackpool. (Free unless you count petrol money!)

Museums: Natural History Museum, Science museum, British Museum, Transport Museum. Toy Museum, Geoffrey museum, Victoria and Albert museum, Museum of London, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Maritime Museum, imperial war museums (these are all free to enter!)

*There are many more but these are the ones I’ve visited and would recommend but don’t despair the list will expand soon enough!

Low to mid cost:

Museums: (A small fee, not sure how much) ragged school museum.

Emirates Air Line: low priced, cheaper if you have an oyster and are a resident of Newham.

Arcelor Mittal Orbit: a 178m tunnel slide in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Lakeside Go-Kart: Buy tickets from Groupon worked out really cheap for a family of four.

Hollow Ponds Boating: inexpensive boat trip, take a picnic.

Boat Cruise down the thames: tickets can be purchased from Groupon.

Kidspace: indoor play area, as wall-climbing and a small go-kart area. Located within a shopping mall so easy access to food court and supermarkets.

Cookie Island: under 5’s indoor play area¬†

Better Extreme: a trampoline park

Chislehurst Caves: travel back in time to experience the caves during the second world war.

Ice Skating 


Golf: check out Top Golf

Go ape: a tree climbing, zip-wire experience

Spa Valley Railway


Theme parks:Thorpe Park, Chessington, Legoland, Drayton Manor, Alton Towers, Blackpool tower, world of adventure, Diggerland.

Ripleys, Believe it or not London: a place of artefacts, it was ever so slightly boring, for me anyway. tickets can be available on Groupon.

Cadbury World: Good offers on Groupon

Centre Parcs: luxury lodges situated amongst the woodlands

Caravan Parks: Haven

Forest Holidays: a treehouse holiday

Obviously flying out to any destination that takes your fancy !







Spa Valley Railway

Summer is upon us and that means trips to organise and kids to keep busy… Spa Valley Railway is probably the closest steam engine experience you can get, unless of course your willing to fork out hundreds and experience the Orient Express, maybe one day but for now this will do.

Spa Valley Railway is in Kent, not to far from London and you can purchase tickets on offer from Groupon. We booked for 4.20pm on a Sunday afternoon, I think that was the last train for the day so the carriages were slightly dirty and tables sticky. Having said, that customer service was excellent, staff were friendly, helpful and went the extra mile to smile.

Parking wasn’t an issue, there’s a Sainsbury’s and Homebase right outside the station which offers two-hour free parking, parking restrictions are not applicable after 5 so we didn’t have to rush back. The station is old and beautiful and quite easy to locate. There is however, no area to have a picnic but the staff were nice enough to let us sit in the outdoor waiting area to have our picnic.

I would definetly recommend it, so go for it!


Anima D’italia

Dinner at Anima D’italia… a reasonably inexpensive dinner out for¬†¬†two. Coming to a total of roughly ¬£20 but that’s not including starters, just a main dish for each of us and two drinks.

We’d booked a corner¬†table with a screen¬†but got a¬†awkward corner, service was not bad but overlooked attention to small details like forgetting to light the candle.. I mean what’s the point in having a candle if it wasn’t lit up…?

Anyways the restaurant was empty, therefore service was prompt. We ordered one Involtini Melanzane, a oven roasted spaghetti & soft chicken pieces finished with thyme & herbs¬†for about ¬£7.25. Taste was ok but nothing fancy or different. And one L’anima Di Sicilia, ¬£8.45, ¬†a bespoke sicilian dish of oven baked chicken fillet wrapped delicately around smoked turkey ham & mozzarella cheese served with broccoli carrot & mushroom puree & a drizzle of olive oil (I think this was the name). Didn’t taste this…so wasn’t sure what it tasted like.

One bottle of water and one soft drink, which was flat, got it replaced but was still the same, the lady did say she opened a new bottle, but I do know that if a bottle’s kept for too long, it still goes flat. That was definitely a bummer.

Overall, wasn’t to keen and won’t be going back in¬†a rush.


Salaams peeps,

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A long time…

It’s been a long since the last post…I know, I know… But I’m back again and this time¬†hoping there won’t be sucha lonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg gap for the next post.

So what’s been going on, well not much, studying with OU takes up most of my time and leaves a little room for much else. Studying DD308 Making Social Worlds and in essence I find the course content quite interesting and engaging but the TMA’s are a whole different ball game, a very steep jump to a level 3 course from a level 2. The expectations of writing are so high that¬†I almost feel unable to write anything whatsoever. There’s a lot of material to cover, predominantly written in a language that I don’t understand unless I have a dictionary nearby and digesting new information seems to be taking longer than any other module I’ve completed. But the light¬†at the end of the tunnel is near as¬†after this, I’ve got one more level 3 module and that should be the end of my BA in Social Science. Whoopppeeeeeeeee.


Veiled Damsel

Beach party @ Camber Sands

Once again it’s ¬†the time of year where it’s parrrty time and time to get back on the planning scene. The idea was to do something out the ordinary and wanted to do something totally different and combine several achievements that needed to be celebrated, so teasers SAT’s results and the little one started Quran and obviously the Eid party was celebrated at the beach.

We packed a whole lot of food and we’re talking about rice and chicken ūüėČ, lots of chocolates, crisps, drinks and drove 77 miles to Camber Sands. Parking was available at a small cost right next to the beach and it’s ¬†the only dune beach in the whole of Sussex, was very private becaus of the dunes generally a clean beach, a small cafe and a few shops to buy the usual beach stuff.

It was very windy and sand was blowing every where (be sure you take sunglasses either way) so it did make it very difficult to eat and enjoy yourself, but had an amazing time sliding down the dunes and playing hide and seek.

It was a nice party, minus party decorations and the gift I left at home and gave it once we got home. It’s a beach I would definitely recommend and visit again and again and to point out quite a few hijabis and beardis frequent this beach so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. ūüĎć

Long drive
The foooood!
The fooood and wind!
A place to slide….
A sandy beach!
A pretty drive!
The dunes!
A view from above!
A clean beach!
Sandy dunes